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Donna Anna - Don Giovanni

Opera Australia:


Music, Arts & Culture

"Making her role debut as Donna Anna, Sophie Salvesani shines. She gives a believable portrayal of someone mourning her murdered father... Salvesani quickly proves she has the makings of a perfect Mozartean soprano..."

— Jansson J. Antmann,

January 6th, 2023

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Maria - West Side Story

Opera Australia, GWB Entertainment and BB Group:

Theatre Haus

"In the leading role of Maria, Brisbane local Sophie Salvesani gave an outstanding vocal performance. Alongside the loveable Nigel Huckle as Tony, the pair created a believable and endearing chemistry, even in the short time span in which the events of the plot unfold."

— Trent Sellars,

July 28th, 2021

Mabel - The Pirates of Penzance

Empire Theatre:

Stage Whispers

" was Sophie Salvesani’s effortless soprano trills in Poor Wandering One as Mabel that brought thunderous audience applause..."

— Peter Pinne, March, 2018


Cosette - Les Misérables

Ipswich Musical Theatre Company:

Theatre People

"...delivered a nuanced, often hilarious, and deeply heartfelt performance. The heightened melodrama Toft and Salvesani gave to their rendition of A Heart Full of Love gave the number the nuance and lift it needed to deliver."

— Shane Webb, September, 2017

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